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AbbyShot hails from a relatively small province in Canada (Newfoundland and Labrador), so sometimes it’s easy to forget just how many die-hard sci-fi fans there are here on our proud island (affectionately known as “The Rock”Smilie: ;). That’s why Sci-Fi on the Rock is such a huge treat every year as sci-fi fans from all over the island come out in full force! AbbyShot had a fantastic time at the convention and it goes way beyond being a Vendor at the show (though that is great in itself!).

First of all: We love showing off our AbbyShot clothes! Working at AbbyShot is like having the coolest wardrobe imaginable, so a convention is the perfect excuse for the staff to do some AbbyShot cosplay!

AbbyShot Vereen Jacket at Sci-Fi on the Rock
Adam made his own do-it-yourself adamantium claws to truly rock the Vereen Jacket (and perfected a very ‘Logan’ facial expression!)
AbbyShot GIG Shrugs at Sci-Fi on the Rock
Julia and Erin model their stylish GIG Shrugs in front of the AbbyShot booth.
AbbyShot Malcolm Reynolds Browncoat at Sci-Fi on the Rock

Mark donned the Malcolm Reynolds Browncoat but he made up his own ‘frontier Browncoat’ look (proving that this is one versatile brownish coloured coat!).

R2D2 at Sci-Fi on the Rock
Another great thing about Sci-Fi on the Rock 5: This was the very first fan convention for a young member of the AbbyShot Team! Julia’s daugther Lilyanne is just under a year-and-a-half old and was completely amazed by the sights and sounds of the con. Her favourite part though, without a doubt, was a homemade remote-controlled R2D2 robot (pictured here with another very impressed kid!). Lilyanne was intently watching R2D2 move around for a while and said “Bakoom” (translation: “Vacuum”Smilie: ;). She considered it for another few seconds and then exclaimed “BIG!” She’s a pretty sharp girl, this one! Smilie: ;)
Black Leather Dante Coat at Sci-Fi on the Rock

We had a lot of great conversations with fans at Sci-Fi on the Rock as well. One of our friends from our AbbyShot Twitter account who goes by the name of @MarkJabroni stopped by to see us in person, and it’s always great to put a face to the Twitter name. He was wearing his own long coat plus a great big necklace with a Klingon symbol on it which he calls… wait for it… “Kling Bling”. Nice! 

We also had a great chat with longtime customer Christo (pictured next to the Kling Bling) who is now literally drooling over the Black Leather Dante Coat. And he didn’t seem to be the only one… Smilie: ;)
We learned about a new webseries called Mind’s Eye after a great talk with the fine folks at Lynnvander Productions. It’s a fantasy webseries about powerful beings called Dreamweavers and certainly one that we’ll have to catch up on!

Last but not least, another AbbyShot favourite at Sci-Fi on the Rock is the amazing costuming that we see from fans. They really pull out all the stops year after year to come up with some jaw-droppingly cool cosplay! These intricate robots below are just a sampling of the cool costumes seen at this year’s show.

Impressive robot costumes at Sci-Fi on the Rock

For a LOT more photos from the convention, be sure to check out our photo album on the AbbyShot Facebook Page!

Thanks SO much to everyone involved with organizing Sci-Fi on the Rock 5, you folks did a fantastic job! Thanks as well to everyone who visited the AbbyShot booth, it was great to meet you and definitely keep in touch!

Were you at Sci-Fi on the Rock this year? Be sure to let us know in the ‘Comments’ what your favourite part was!

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