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It’s an exciting day here at AbbyShot as everything has come together for the Dante Coat design! The red colours are now finalized for both the pleather AND leather versions of this coat and you are going to go wild for what the Design Team has in store here! The AbbyShot tradition of video game inspired designs continues: Clothing that is wearable everyday in terms of both functionality and quality.

Dante Coat inspired by Devil May Cry 4

Another important element of the Dante Coat that was finalized today as well: We received the final samples of our custom-designed Dante snaps and they look awesome! We obviously couldn’t use just any standard snap for this coat, so to truly honour Dante we had to make our own. Let’s just say that we can’t WAIT to show you photos of the finished red pleather and leather coats in all their glory!
Production will be starting next week on the first run of Dante Coats for those who have pre-ordered and we’re on track for delivery in May as promised! Since production is starting next week, we’ll keep pre-ordering turned on through the Dante Coat Group Buy Page until this Sunday night. If you want to slip your Dante Coat order in ‘under the wire’ to get in on our first production run – now is the time!

Now about those Dante Shooting Gloves…

Dante Shooting Gloves inspired by Devil May Cry 4Monday’s Blog post asked fans: Would you order the Dante Shooting Gloves if AbbyShot offered them as a regular product? The response came back quickly from far and wide: YES!

Your feedback is always important to us here at AbbyShot so: Yes indeed, we are going to make the Dante Gloves a reality! We’ll have a product page up ASAP with full info and pricing, so please keep an eye out for that! AND for those who put their faith in us and pre-ordered by the Group Buy deadline of April 17th: You fine folks will be getting your Dante Gloves for free!

We’ll keep you posted on all the exciting Dante Coat (and glove!) news as it happens, so stay tuned!

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