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With all the buzz surrounding the Eleventh Doctor’s return this coming weekend, AbbyShot has some news about another Doctor who is still near and dear in fans’ hearts! There’s great news here for web surfers and UK citizens so read on for all the details…

The Doctor Who Tenth Doctor's Coat from AbbyShotThe Tenth Doctor’s fashionable overcoat remains one of AbbyShot’s most popular designs of all time (and space) and fans will be pleased to hear that production is still on track for delivery in early June to those who have pre-ordered through our website. If you haven’t pre-ordered your Tenth Doctor’s Coat yet, then now is the time! Reserve your coat early to beat the rush, as certain sizes of this coat sell out very quickly. And of course, contact us if you have any questions on sizing!

For those of you lucky enough to live in the Doctor’s home base of the UK, we have some great pre-order news for you as well! AbbyShot is located in Canada so the cost of transatlantic shipping and customs for the Tenth Doctor’s Coat can be pricey. Well fear not, UK friends! SciFiCollector is AbbyShot’s official retailer/distributor of Doctor Who products, located in London. UK citizens, you can pre-order Tenth Doctor’s Coats directly from SciFiCollector.co.uk with no worries about customs and much less shipping cost. SciFiCollector will have coats in stock in early June as well, so the timing is right with them too! Their pre-order price is £250 including UK delivery (though we hear it’s going up to £275 once pre-order is done!).

Don’t forget about our companion to the Doctor’s Coat as well: In case you haven’t seen the news, the Martha Jones Companion Jacket is available at a new lower price point!

TV isn’t the only way to get your Doctor Who fix:

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