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The highly-anticipated premiere of Doctor Who Series 6 aired over the weekend (simulcast in our native Canada, in the US, and, of course, in the UK) and our minds are still reeling! It was one of the most heart-pounding and intense hours of Doctor Who ever aired and at least one review has called it “possibly the best Doctor Who season opener of all time(and io9 is not one to make this claim lightly!).

AbbyShot was watching the premiere intently… with a particular eye on the clothing of course! Here are some of our observations/random thoughts/discussion points on the premiere with (beware!) mild spoilers:

  1. The Doctor has a new jacket this season! Of course it’s a wool blazer with leather patches at the elbows (this is the Eleventh Doctor after all) but this time: It’s plaid! And looks strikingly good… Smilie: ;)
  2. On a related note: 2 ‘versions’ of the Eleventh Doctor show up in this episode and both are wearing the exact same outfit right down to the bowtie. Was this done to simplify costuming or is there a subtle clue here?
  3. Speaking of costuming: Stetsons are cool.
  4. River Song destroying the Doctor’s hats: Never gets old.
  5. River was decked out in her finest ‘cowgirl-inspired’ wardrobe — and really pulls off the denim jacket!
  6. Is the Eleventh Doctor “River Song’s Doctor” that she speaks so fondly about in the “Silence in the Library” two-parter? River’s reaction to the tragedy at the beginning of the episode leads us to believe so… although time can be rewritten. “Wibbly wobbly timey wimey” indeed.
  7. Amy and Rory were in full “vacation mode” with their costuming this episode: You can’t go wrong with jeans or shorts on a holiday.
  8. How long were Amy and Rory away from the Doctor? Seems odd that he would leave them behind and travel alone for a long stretch of time. We wonder what his original motivations were…
  9. Mark Sheppard (a.k.a. Badger from Firefly) was great as former FBI Agent Canton Everett Delaware III. Is there any significance, friends, to the fact that his character has three names that are all places in the US? The little girl’s troubled phone call (and misinterpreted name) springs to mind!
  10. Great to see a “cool, calm, and collected” man like Mr. Delaware reacting to the TARDIS — very well acted by Mr. Sheppard.
  11. Did you know that Mark Sheppard’s father, William Morgan Sheppard, played the older version of Mr. Delaware? Absolute genius casting.
  12. The Doctor calling his crew “The Legs, The Nose, and Mrs. Robinson”… absolutely classic (and definite contender for best line of the night).
  13. The Doctor Who casting team and make-up team gave us a fantastic President Nixon!
  14. With “The Silence”, Steven Moffat has crafted one of the most devious villains in Doctor Who history… how do you defeat something you can’t even remember when you look away from it? 
  15. Who is “The Spaceman” the little girl refers to? Is it “The Silence”? The astronaut from the lake? Or someone else altogether? Maybe someone we already know?

So those are our quick observations on the premiere of Doctor Who, and of course we want to hear from you. Any observations you’d like to add in the comments below? Will Series 6 only get darker and more intense from here? We’re so excited to find out what happens… next Saturday can’t come fast enough!

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