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At AbbyShot, your experience as a customer is SO important to us! So when we asked you at the end of February to fill in a quick survey, every result we received was carefully read over and reviewed by the team. We’re not the type of company to shoot charts out of a computer program; when we say we want to hear from you – we mean it!

Questions covered everything from standards such as “How did you discover our site?” to the tough questions like “What are the main factors that would make you hesitate (or have made you hesitate) from buying an AbbyShot product?”

Based on the survey results, here are the main topics that matter to you:

1) Keeping Product Prices Low
Especially with today’s economic climate, this feedback was not a surprising number 1 issue. It’s a constant balance here at AbbyShot to bring you the super high-quality clothing you deserve while also keeping the price as low as possible. Many fans who wrote in seem to understand that balance as well: “I wish the prices were lower without losing any of your quality. I understand and won’t begrudge you if that cannot happen. Smilie: :D

We’ll certainly keep pricing at the forefront of our minds in the coming year. As one recent example, the new Dante Coat has many options and price points that customers can choose from (leather vs pleather and custom vs set-size) in order to suit many budgets. We’ll certainly keep working on similar ways to expand our range of price points throughout the year.

2) More New Products
Many fans are hungry for the next big thing from AbbyShot… and that’s what we like to hear, of course! Over the next few weeks (and months) you’ll be happy to know that there are a number of exciting new product announcements waiting to happen! One fan wrote in to say that he was “still waiting for a Cloud vest or even some Assassin’s Creed inspired clothing” and a number of fans mentioned the Captain Jack Harkness Coat from Doctor Who and Torchwood. AbbyShot is listening, friends… that’s all we can say for now Smilie: ;)

3) Improving Shipping Prices / Logistics
Many respondents requested more shipping options on our AbbyShot website, especially lower priced options that, while they take longer than the current options, would cost less overall. You’ll be happy to know that this is actively being worked on and at least one new Ground shipping option for North America will be added to the AbbyShot website very soon.

Shipping options are more limited for packages going outside of North America since these packages literally have to travel “overseas”. AbbyShot is actively looking into logistics options to bring products closer to our overseas customers so shipping comes at a lower cost. These options are still in the early stages, but one example of a logistics/shipping improvement for our UK customers was announced on the blog last week: AbbyShot’s affiliate Scifi Collector is running a concurrent Tenth Doctor Coat pre-order that will ship direct from London

4) Easier navigation for the AbbyShot website
The current version of the AbbyShot website was first launched in 2008 (wow, time flies!) and while many changes have been made over the past three years there is certainly a LOT more we can do to improve your experience on the AbbyShot website! And actually, certain website changes have begun already (have you checked out AbbyShot.com over the past few days?).

We received much helpful fan feedback in this category, for example: “Some products can only be found in very non-specific pages, such as the Abbyshot t-shirt and Kingdom Hoodie (found on pages such as set-size, all products..) Although these products easy enough to find, website navigation could be a little more intuitive. Otherwise you guys are god-tier.” Okay, we really like that last line there Smilie: ;) Other fans had similar feedback, so our website menus are definitely one of the many areas we’ll be looking at improving in the coming months. Certainly if you have more website suggestions for us, please don’t hesitate to let us know in the Comments below!

5) More photography of AbbyShot products
Fans just can’t get enough photos of AbbyShot clothing, and we can’t blame you! You’re buying a high-quality item so it’s only right that you want to see all the product details. This is another area for improvement that AbbyShot will be taking very seriously this year. One respondent was quite detailed in their response: “Product photography could use some improvement. I love the action shots, but sometimes they hinder seeing details of the products, e.g., what does the back of the coat look like when the model is standing still. The more photos the better, closeup, medium, and long. Since most of your products are more expensive than average, I want to see exactly what I’m buying.”

This is a fantastic point that was echoed by many fans and AbbyShot will be taking a two-pronged approach here: 1) More high-quality product photography, and 2) More photos on each product page. We’re already in the planning stages for #1 and our webmaster is mulling over possible layout changes for #2 to enable us to show you more photos on each product page. As stated above: “The more photos the better” indeed!

Thanks so much to everyone who responded to the survey, your feedback was so appreciated. If the feedback and important points shown above bring up any ideas for you, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us or respond here in the Blog Comments!

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