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Have you been noticing the changes which are happening all around you? No, I don’t mean the changes evident with spring or autumn (depending on your longitude or latitude), but instead I refer to the changes happening at AbbyShot Headquarters. Some of these changes you cannot see easily, such as the changes in staff, but their results are evident to you just the same.

The AbbyShot team sent out a survey a few months ago, asking you what you thought about their website experience… basically what worked and what didn’t work (this is something which I noticed was addressed here on the blog earlier this week). Some of the ideas which came back are ones which have begun to be implemented already, while others I keep hearing murmurings about around the boardroom table.

I am noticing that anything is possible with the talents of a great programmer and superb graphics guys on staff. Can you see what has changed already due to their talents? 

As always, comment here on the Blog, on Twitter, or on the AbbyShot Facebook Page and let me know what differences you have noticed taking place already, and of course, if you have any suggestions for the AbbyShot Team. I’ll make sure your message gets into the right hands! Until next time…



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