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Last month we talked about spring having almost sprung, and now we’re plunging you back into the depths of winter. We thought about saving these photos until the summer, you know, when we need to look at pictures of snow in order to cool ourselves off, but then we thought better of it. They’re simply too much fun to hold under wraps any longer and they tie right in with our Newsletter this month as well!
Our first email is from Casey who seems to be elated with his Tenth Doctor’s Coat.
All I can say about this coat is that it’s… FANTASTIC! The quality and feel of it make me wonder if you actually made a replica or stole the real thing and mailed it to me! I feel like this came right off the back of the Doctor himself! It’s mind-boggling the amount of detail there is in it. The lining is especially beautiful and I got many compliments on it my first time wearing it!

It happens to be snowing right now where I live. OK, it’s not really snow, it’s just the Sycorax spaceship breaking up in the Earth’s atmosphere but let’s ignore that for a moment. We have about 3-6 inches on the ground and I have to say, this coat kept me warmer than any jacket I have ever owned! I was worried about the tail of the coat getting wet from the snow, as it comes down to about my ankle, but when I got inside and shook the snow off it, I was pleased to see it hadn’t even gotten the slightest bit damp! I know quality when I see it, and this coat was made to be durable! It may be the newest addition to my costume, but it also works as an everyday coat too!
Overall, I couldn’t have been more pleased with this purchase and I would recommend this fine piece of art to any Doctor Who fan. This is THE coat to own if you love one certain time-traveling Timelord as much as I do! Tell Janis Joplin I said thank you! Bravo AbbyShot, bravo!  
Casey Trojanowski, USA

In a similar vein, we heard from Alan a couple of months ago. He is thrilled with the way it moves regardless of how he moves in it. This is what he had to tell us:

Hello to the AbbyShot team!

Let me just start by saying that I’m absolutely thrilled with this trench! It is everything I hoped it would be and more. I’m a huge fan of Doctor Who but I wasn’t getting this coat for any kind of cosplaying. I just love long coats and the Doctor had the coolest long coat I had ever seen. What I was looking for was a replica that would hold up to day-to-day wear and that is exactly what I got.

As soon as I pulled the coat out of the box I could feel the quality. This is no costume piece! This is a real coat that has kept me warm in temperatures down to -15C with a wind chill. I don’t doubt that it would keep me warm even if it got colder. The fit and finish are perfect as well. There is not a stitch out of place and the whole jacket shows an incredible attention to detail. It hangs just as nicely as it did for the Doctor in the show and billows when it’s windy. It looks just as good closed as it does open, which I was wondering about since the Doctor never really wears his closed. I’ve had no shortage of compliments from friends and family, even from those who wouldn’t know the Doctor if he came up and slapped them.

All in all I couldn’t be happier with my new trench! Thank you all for making it possible!

– AJ, Ontario, Canada

The pictures and comments that you send to us truly keep us loving what we do! Please keep them coming. Knowing that our products are going to good homes is important to us, and knowing how much you appreciate them is of paramount importance. It tells us that we’re doing our jobs well! Thanks again and we hope to see your photos here next month!

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