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Now that was a fast-moving hour of TV! This past weekend brought us the conclusion of the two-part Doctor Who Series 6 premiere and, quite frankly, we barely took a breath for the hour the show was on! In a similar vein, let’s jump right into the action and discuss our observations about this new hour of Doctor Who. Please beware however: Spoilers below if you haven’t seen the episode yet!

AbbyShot’s thoughts on episode # 2…

  1. Three Months Later?! The episode begins in a rather unorthodox fashion after last week’s cliffhanger: We catch up with our heroes a full quarter-of-a-year after Amy’s “shooting” incident that ended the previous episode.
  2. Some complained about the aforementioned time-jump, though we thought it was a great bit of storytelling. “Why was the Doctor captured and why were the companions on the run?” Safe to assume they were poking their noses where they shouldn’t have been and their mission was SO top secret that even Canton and Nixon couldn’t ‘seem’ like they knew what was going on….
  3. …Hence the insanely complex no-sound-in-or-out prison for the captured Doctor (President Nixon’s budget must have had quite the surplus that year Smilie: ;)
  4. Speaking of the captured Doctor, he DID look quite down-and-out in a straight-jacket, sporting a very scraggly beard. NOW we know why the Doctor doesn’t try to grow facial hair!
  5. The Eleventh Doctor’s companions show us a new must-have item for any Doctor Who cosplayer: A permanent marker! The Silence are everywhere… though why you’d keep a tally chart on your own face we’re not too sure of (we’re looking at you, Amy Pond…Smilie: ;).
  6. Along these same lines, the voice recorder implant in the hand was an ingenious story-telling device. We call it “Scariest. Voicemail. Ever.” When did that light in my palm start flashing?!
  7. Really enjoyed The Doctor’s gallivanting around with Nixon in the mid-point of the episode. And boy, does Rory ever look good in ’60s horn-rimmed glasses.
  8. Our favourite line of the episode is from this sequence as well: The Doctor, after messing with the insides of Apollo 11, finishes his work while still holding a handful of circuitry: “There’s always a bit left over.”
  9. Meanwhile, Amy and Canton were in much darker territory in a creepy orphanage. Very cool sequence where Canton finally realizes HOW the Silence can be stopped! But the orphanage also left many unanswered questions…
  10. Who was that one-eyed lady who talked to Amy in the orphanage?
  11. Why was there a photo of Amy holding a baby in that room?
  12. How did the Silence transport Amy out of the room, and was it the first time they’ve done such an abduction?
  13. How did the Silence know of the importance of the little girl (perhaps related to the question above)?
  14. Very ingenious climax to this episode as the Doctor REALLY takes advantage of the power of mass media.
  15. The Doctor and River’s first/last kiss: An instant classic moment in Doctor Who history. Steven Moffat knows how to use time-travel wisely in his stories and this was no exception!
  16. Finally: That last scene with the young girl! What IS going on? The mind reels…

Overall, it was an exciting thrill-ride of an episode that did, we have to admit, leave a whole heap of unanswered questions. We trust Steven Moffat and his team though, so we’re very much along for the ride! And this coming Saturday: The Eleventh Doctor meets a crew of pirates! What’s not to love?

So what did you think of “Day of the Moon”? Any other points of interest to add? Feel free to comment away below!

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