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There has been a lot of talk at AbbyShot HQ lately about the amount of social media which has surrounded the Eleventh Doctor. He is all over the ‘net right now, from the Hipster Doctor page to an appearance at the Royal Wedding(!).

But have you noticed an Eleventh Doctor appearance on the AbbyShot website? As it turns out I was right on target in a recent blog post (which is no surprise to anyone of course) but then AbbyShot couldn’t resist one-upping me yet again. 

Bypassing me completely, they sent a teaser out to Newsletter subscribers and then Social Media fans earlier this week. Did you see it yet? It’s a big one. It all comes down to two words:

(Be sure to click!)

Now that is cool, my friends. I’m sure an official announcement is coming soon, but it is quite nice to be “in the know” a little early, isn’t it?

I just wish now that I was “in the know” first! To make up for my lack of early intel on this, I’ll see what further info I can dig up here at the Eleventh Hour (see what I did there?).

As always, comment here on the Blog, on Twitter, or on the AbbyShot Facebook Page to let me know what you want to see. Now back to work constructing my TARDIS. I’ll see you next Wednesday… or maybe LAST Wednesday, we’ll see how this TARDIS turns out! 



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