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Now that the big two-part premiere is over, Doctor Who gave us a fun standalone episode this past weekend. Wait, a fun PIRATE-themed standalone episode, let’s not forget that important point!

So with that being said: Yarr matey, it be time to hoist the Jolly Roger, swill a mug of grog, grab your cutlass, and prepare for adventure! But beware in these waters, ya scurvy sea-dogs: There be mild spoilers ahead!

OK, OK, we’ll cut the pirate-speak Smilie: ;) On with our observations from the show!

  1. The Doctor saying “Yo ho ho” to a bunch of pirates = Gold.
  2. Rory is, shall we say, useless in a fight.
  3. Amy, on the other hand… she’s been taking sword-fighting lessons from Xena Warrior Princess!
  4. Amy also “acquired” a pretty cool pirate’s long coat and we of course have to commend her on her excellent taste in fashion!
  5. We loved the three-cornered hats as well, especially on the Doctor. The Eleventh Doctor is all about wearing interesting headgear, isn’t he?
  6. The way the “Black Spot” appeared was clever, though we had to wonder if anyone doing a bit of paperwork on the ship gave themselves a very scary paper cut…
  7. The Captain had the right idea: Gloves!
  8. We enjoyed the many evolving theories of the Doctor in this episode: His thinking can’t be 100% correct ALL the time (it’s good to see that every now and then!).
  9. Great scene where the pirate captain compares the TARDIS to a boat on the sea. After all the complexities we see and hear about the TARDIS, it was a great reminder that, at the end of the day, this is still the Doctor’s “ship”.
  10. The Siren (and the explanation behind her) was quite clever as well! Even in the more “fun” episodes like this one, Doctor Who always gives the audience a lot to think about.
  11. Near the episode’s end,where we learn the fate of the pirate captain, was anyone else reminded of space captain Malcolm Reynolds and his gallant crew on board Serenity… or was that just us? Smilie: ;)

So what did you think of this swashbuckling installment of Doctor Who? Looking forward to Neil Gaiman’s episode next week? Cursed with a Black Spot? Let us know in the Comments below!

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