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Around AbbyShot HQ there has been a lot of talk lately about vegans. Why, you might ask? No, it’s not because Bacon Salt is vegan-friendly (one of the AbbyShot Team is REALLY into bacon); here’s my theory:

Long before it was cool to be vegan, AbbyShot developed some of their popular long coats, such as the Enigma and the Jenova Trench coats, in pleather as a way to please some of their fans. Not only did this make vegan customers happy, for now they could wear more of AbbyShot’s cool coats, but it also made the masses happy (particularly starving students) for there were now awesome coats which they could purchase for a lower price point.

I’ve been picking up more rumblings from the Design Team as of late with regard to pleather and what other products, both new and old, might be well suited to this medium. The range of colours and types of pleather has expanded a lot over the past few years (did you see the red pebbled pleather of the Dante Coat?) so it seems that the sky is the limit for AbbyShot pleather products.

Of course this is all very hush hush, but as you see more pleather goodness coming down the line you can remember that you heard it from me first.

Of course, I would love to hear from you: What pleather products do you think would make good additions to the AbbyShot catalogue?

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