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This weekend’s installment of Doctor Who was a highly anticipated episode that managed to surpass all expectations! Written by popular fantasy author Neil Gaiman, “The Doctor’s Wife” was an episode that made even non-Who fans take notice. “If Neil Gaiman is writing for Doctor Who it must be cool, right?” That’s right Smilie: ;)

This episode depends greatly on surprise so if you haven’t seen the episode yet then please do not read on! There are indeed spoilers below. You have been warned, brave time-and-space traveler…

Doctor Who Episode 6.4, The Doctor's Wife, starring the Eleventh Doctor

So without further ado, let’s jump into our observations on this gripping episode:

  1. The “junkyard” look-and-feel of the episode was a nod to the first ever episode of Doctor Who, 1963’s “An Unearthly Child”, where we meet the Doctor for the first time in a London junkyard on Totter’s Lane.
  2. Did anyone else get a big Tim Burton feel from the cinematography and costume design of this episode? Or maybe it was just the ‘patchwork’ people? Smilie: :)
  3. We find out early-on the significance of the episode’s title and it makes so much sense we simply wondered: “Why didn’t anyone else think of this before?!” The Doctor’s ‘Wife’, his one-and-only true love, is the TARDIS. Absolutely.
  4. This episode serves as an interesting counterpoint to the previous pirate-themed episode where the TARDIS was compared to a seafaring vessel. Neil Gaiman reminds us: It’s SO much more than that!
  5. However, like any respectable seafaring vessel, of course the TARDIS is going to be a woman! (And ‘Sexy’ at that Smilie: ;)
  6. Suranne Jones gave an amazing performance as a woman filled with the energy of the TARDIS. Her flighty and hilarious nature, her trouble with time (and verb tenses!), and her overriding sense of adventure – all was note-perfect and really made her the ‘perfect woman’ for the Doctor.
  7. ‘The House’ was an extremely creepy and unsettling villain worthy of the mind of Neil Gaiman. Manipulating the nature of time inside the TARDIS to mess with Amy and Rory’s heads… that is just plain evil.
  8. We return to the TARDIS corridors! We believe so but just to double-check: Is this the first time we’ve seen these corridors in ‘nu-Who’?
  9. Anyone have the feeling that Neil Gaiman WANTED to go a bit ‘darker’ with the disturbing events in the TARDIS corridors? We’re personally glad he reeled himself in; that was some distressing stuff!
  10. The final scenes with The Eleventh Doctor and Idris… just fantastic and heart-breaking all at the same time.

Overall, we felt this was an instant-classic episode by a master storyteller who really ‘gets’ Doctor Who. So what did you think? Any observations to add? Let us know in the Comments below!

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