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Pleather is a term used to describe synthetic leather made of plastic. There are two different main categories of pleather: Polyurethane pleather and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pleather. PVC is the inferior of the two, as it does not breathe well and cannot be dry-cleaned. Also, it is often very shiny in appearance. Polyurethane, on the other hand, is breathable, washable and tends to have a long lifespan. It is also much more realistic looking, with some pleathers nearly indistinguishable from genuine leather.

Devil May Cry inspired Dante Coat made with pebbled pleather

There are those who will always prefer leather; they enjoy the way it smells, the way it feels, and the way it wears. There is also something in knowing that you are wearing the real deal. Pleather does have a lot of advantages though: It is lighter than leather, easy to care for, lasts almost as long as leather, and costs A LOT less. Pleather also does not have as many seams as leather. A long leather trench coat will often have a seam somewhere along the length of it, due to the limitations in size of the animal used. This is a good way to tell the difference when looking at a piece of clothing or furniture. Another major plus that pleather has it that it is vegan friendly. More and more people are now going the animal friendly route with their purchases. Pleather allows them to maintain their beliefs while still looking good.

Sephiroth inspired Jenova Trench coat

Pleather has been around since the 1980’s. In its early years, it was often looked upon in a derogatory way. It was seen as a cheap alternative to leather that looked scarcely like it. Pleather has come a long way over the past few decades. It is now a fixture is the spring lines of top fashion designers such as Gucci, Prada, FUBU, and Sean John.

Here at AbbyShot, we love to offer our customers a pleather option for a lot of our coats. In fact, we may be offering some more of our coats and jackets in pleather in the near future!

AbbyShot uses only high quality polyurethane pleather that is so close to the real thing that even we have trouble telling the difference! You can really do a lot with pleather now; for our new Dante Coat, for example, we offer a red pebbled pleather version. And of course some of our best selling coats, the Enigma and the Jenova Trench coats, are proudly made of pleather!

Keep your eyes on our website to see what pleather items we will be releasing next!

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