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AbbyShot Reviews Doctor Who 6.5: The Rebel Flesh

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The latest episode of Doctor Who made our skin crawl… so to speak! “The Rebel Flesh” was a very creepy installment of the show but also one that brought up many moral and ethical dilemmas. A delicate balance to be sure, but one that was pulled off quite well in our opinion.

Some have complained that the episode moved at too slow a pace but we found it quite effective to build tension as well as audience empathy with the new characters we meet. Of course, this is also the first part of a two-parter so it will certainly be easier to judge this story as a whole once the second part airs (we’ve heard that part 2 will be airing May 28th on BBC1 and June 4th on BBC America due to next weekend’s Memorial Day holiday, just to give you the heads up!).

Our thoughts on this latest episode of Doctor Who are below but, as always, beware of the spoilers that await if you haven’t seen the episode yet!

  1. Was anyone else extremely creeped out by the overall look-and-feel of this episode? In terms of style it brought to mind The X-Files with lots of dark industrial hallways lit by flashlights and threatening beings hiding in the shadows.
  2. Speaking of sci-fi influences, we were also reminded of one of our favourite films, Blade Runner, in the scene where Rory was talking to Jennifer’s ganger about her “memories”. The ethical dilemma surrounding the replicants in Blade Runner is certainly not far from the plight of the gangers.
  3. Despite the dark tone of the episode, there was a bit of fun mixed in at the beginning of the episode. We always enjoy seeing a bit of day-to-day life aboard the TARDIS and the first shot of our heroes includes Amy and Rory playing darts and listening to Muse! Love it.
  4. During the aforementioned game of darts, the Eleventh Doctor was again scanning Amy and coming up with an inconclusive result on whether she really is pregnant. Later in the episode Amy runs across the mysterious lady with the eye-patch. Our excitement is really building on these unresolved plot threads!
  5. Big kudos to the Doctor Who make-up department for a superb job on the “unformed” gangers. Their white plasticine skin really got across the fear of having something replicating the way you look (without quite succeeding!).
  6. We really enjoyed Rory’s large role in this episode. His caring and compassion made him the only one who could truly empathize with one of the gangers…
  7. … though of course not everyone can be as compassionate as Rory! The scene where one of the gangers is killed was appropriately tense and well-done.
  8. The Doctor seems to know something about the future of “The Flesh”… would it go against his temporal “rules” to warn people about it (even just Amy and Rory)?
  9. Finally: The Ganger Doctor! How can they end the episode with that!?!

To put it mildly: We can’t wait for part 2 of this story! So what did you think about “The Rebel Flesh”? Feel free to let us know in the Comments below…

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