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If you are the proud owner of an AbbyShot garment, you may already know all the reasons that our clothing is so highly regarded. We put pride and craftsmanship into everything we make, and it shows. If you have not yet delved into the world of AbbyShot, perhaps it’s time you take a trip!

The camparison between the technical and actual Stampede Duster

Our main goal is to make high quality, screen-accurate clothing that can be worn for everyday wear. An incredible amount of work goes into creating each new product. We spend months, sometimes even years, on research and development before the customer ever gets a glimpse of what’s to come. It is a real joint effort between the AbbyShot Design Team and the input of fans in order to give customers what they want in any new design.

The key here at AbbyShot is to find a balance between fiction and reality. There are a lot of awesome costumes worn by characters in sci-fi, but they do not always translate easily into a wearable piece of clothing. Sometimes a fabric may look great on film, but may not wear or look as good in reality. In anime and video games, a designer or animator has the ability to create whatever styles they can imagine. But when it comes to making a coat inspired by the look of that character, seams might have to be added or other changes might have to be made for it to actually work on a human. Our AbbyShot Dante Coat, for example, has longer sleeves than you would see Dante wearing in the original video game. We did this to make our coat more wearable for everyday use: The sleeves can be either folded up or worn as full-length sleeves, depending on the look you desire.

Matrix inspired Lobby Trench

When we design a coat, no detail is overlooked. We look very closely at every stitch, every button, and every other little detail that a lot of other companies may overlook. We also do not skimp on anything. If you have ever seen a Matrix inspired coat from another company, you may have noticed that some of them fit like tubes. In our Matrix inspired Lobby Trench we use a massive amount of fabric in the skirt part of the coat to allow it to billow properly when you walk. We also use a high-quality wool twill fabric to allow for maximum billowing.

We search the world over to find the right fabrics for our garments. Sometimes we even have to have a new fabric milled or dyed. Our team studies each colour and fibre in the fabric to ensure it matches as closely as possible to the original inspiration.

We have had a number of customers in the past come back to us many years later still happily wearing their AbbyShot coats on a day-to-day basis. You really do get what you pay for! Our coats are built to stand up against the wear and tear of time.

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