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This month we shine the spotlight on two customers who are rocking their fabric Stampede Duster coats! This anime-inspired long coat is one of the most complex and most awe-inspiring designs AbbyShot has to offer. And wow, does it ever look good in pictures Smilie: ;)

First off, we had a US customer who sent in a great batch of photos in his Black Stampede Duster that we’ve scattered throughout this blog post. They say a picture speaks 1,000 words so he kept his email short and his pictures awesome!

Black Stampede Duster inspired by Trigun - May 2011 Customer Photo 1

This trenchcoat is AMAZING!
   Thank you muchly,
   – R Conlan, USA

Next up is a great in-depth email review from a fan in Australia who was also very impressed by his new Stampede Duster (his was the classic red fabric version):

Black Stampede Duster inspired by Trigun - May 2011 Customer Photo 2

I’d like to start by saying this coat is fantastic! Pictures cannot possibly do it any justice which is why I was so awe-stricken when I first took it out of the box. The material is much lighter and cooler than I thought it would be which is always a nice surprise, especially given the heat in Australia.

The quality construction of the coat also amazed me. I’ve seen Vash cosplay coats that imitate the face design of the garment as seen in Trigun, but the design stopped there. The AbbyShot coat is so much more than a mere cosplay piece, as it has such intricate depth to the design. The pockets are concealed amazingly well (I thought you forgot them at first :p) and the layers at the top really make the collar and shoulder aspects of the coat come to life, rather than the low quality cosplay coats that imitate the coat on face value only. This is a coat for daily use, and a darn fine one at that.

The AbbyShot staff themselves were another standout aspect during my purchase of this coat. To put it simply: Most. Obliging. People. Ever.

Black Stampede Duster inspired by Trigun - May 2011 Customer Photo 3
We get very erratic weather in Australia. A sunny day today can easily turn to a rainy day tomorrow, and I wanted a coat versatile enough to wear in any weather conditions. I asked the AbbyShot crew if removable sleeves were possible and, lo and behold, a purchase option for removable sleeves appeared on the order form the next day. 

It’s this customer service that really makes me comfortable buying tailored clothes online. I know I’m getting top quality service and products, which is why I’d like to give a big thank you to everyone at AbbyShot. I couldn’t have had such a comfortable experience buying from anyone else.

Best. Company. EVER.
- Murray :]

Thanks so much, Murray – you are quite welcome! It’s always a pleasure providing cool coats for fantastic people like yourself and Mr. Conlan! Big thanks to R Conlan for the awesome photos for this month’s fabric Stampede Duster themed blog post!

Do you own an AbbyShot coat you haven’t seen in a Customer E-mails Blog Post in a while? That just means we’re waiting for your photos! E-mail your pics in anytime to ‘info[at]abbyshot.com’ and hopefully we’ll see you here in the coming months!

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