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AbbyShot Doctor Who Extra: Fandom Video Fix!

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So Doctor Who episode 6 didn’t air this past weekend here in Canada or in the US. Our normal Tuesday episode review is being pre-empted by feelings of “how are we going to survive the wait until this weekend?” The answer is: Videos from Doctor Who fandom!

Doctor Who fan activity has been growing online and seems to be getting even busier with the arrival of the Eleventh Doctor. He’s eccentric, he’s adventurous, he’s hilarious, and he wears a wool blazer that makes him look like an old professor trapped in a young man’s body (Plaid is cool. We’re just sayin’Smilie: ;). With the growing popularity of the Eleventh Doctor as well as a plethora of super-creative fans online, there have been plenty of videos posted on YouTube to honour the new Doctor Who. Let’s look at some of our favourites…

1) Doctor Who Opening – ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ Style

The young cast (including Matt Smith, the youngest-ever actor to play the Doctor) would fit right in with the Sunnydale gang, wouldn’t they? This fan creation is fun and action-packed goodness.

2) Doctor Who: 47 Years in 6 Minutes

This video by the Fine Bros. breaks down each of the 11 Doctors (right from day one in 1963) and they do it super-quickly in only 6 minutes! No easy feat.

3) Lost Doctor Who Cold Open from Craig Ferguson Show
This was the much-talked about Doctor Who themed opening song-and-dance number from one of the most famous fans out there: Craig Ferguson. Unfortunately this didn’t get to air on our television screens due to legalities involving the Doctor Who theme music. But somehow it found its way online… and we’re glad it did! “The triumph of intellect and romance over brute force and cynicism” is one of the best summaries of Doctor Who ever spoken (er, sung). An instant classic!

So what do you think, friends? Agree with our above choices? What other videos from Doctor Who fandom would you rank as your favourites? Let us know in the Comments! We’ll see you this time next week with our review of Episode 6…

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