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Each day our email inbox is flooded with emails from customers all over the world giving us suggestions and inquiring about our products. For all of you wondering fans, we thought we would answer some ‘frequently asked questions’.

You may wonder if, when you suggest a product, do we actually take it into account? We do for sure! We keep track of every suggestion that comes in. The ones that we see a lot, we add to a separate list and if we think they have potential, we will then move forward with it. That is why sometimes you will see us asking in our blogs about what you, the fans, think of an idea.

Sometimes people ask if we can bring back a previous design. If enough people ask, we will consider it, but sometimes it is not possible. It is not as simple as just starting to make them again. We would have to find or make the fabrics and other accessories again. In regards to buckles, buttons or patches, for example, they might not be available anymore. A lot of customers ask if we can make just one for them. Unless we are going to bring back a product for a full run, it is not normally feasible to do that. The amount of work that would go in to bringing back just one would not be cost effective for us or the customer. Also, that would not be fair to the other customers who request “just one” of something else!

AbbyShot's Retired Kill Bill Inspired Bride JacketCustomers often ask if we will make a one-of-a-kind design for them. We stopped doing this a couple of years ago as it would be very expensive for the customer and also, our design and production teams are always very busy working on new product ideas. There are always at least a couple of new garments in the works, so that is what we focus the majority of our ‘design time’ on.

Probably the most common thing we are asked is how to know which size coat or jacket to order. Each item has its own size chart tab on its product page. When you hover your mouse over each section of the chart, there is than an image that appears to the right showing you how to properly measure. We are always here for assistance with measurements, of course, through our Contact Page. The most important thing to remember is that the measurements listed on the sizing chart are of the wearer, not of the garments themselves. We build in a certain amount of ‘ease of wear’, so you just have to worry about your measurements.

Hopefully this answers a lot of your questions! But, of course, we are always here to answer any questions you may have if you contact us!

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