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This is always a sad time for AbbyShot: Saying goodbye to one of our products. As Newsletter subscribers may have already heard, AbbyShot is retiring the Squall Jacket. This Final Fantasy VIII inspired leather jacket was launched way back in 2007 and has been a fan-favourite ever since. Taking the unique look of Squall Leonhart and transforming that into a high-quality jacket you can actually wear on a daily basis? It’s something you can only get from AbbyShot and fans responded in kind with glowing reviews. Now, four years later, it’s time to bid the Squall Jacket a fond farewell.

So why has AbbyShot decided to retire the Squall Jacket?

One of the main selling points of this jacket is its high-quality and screen-accurate faux-fur that looks and moves just like what you see in the original game. Unfortunately this unique fur is no longer available to us, after trying all avenues, so this had to signify the end of the Squall Jacket design.

I’ve been saving up, can I still buy a Squall Jacket?

You can as of the date of today’s blog post, but only for a VERY limited time! We have enough fur supply remaining to make a small number of jackets in either set-size or custom, so if you’re interested in getting one of the final AbbyShot Squall Jackets, be sure to book yours ASAP!

You need only visit one of the Squall product pages to order your own:


Thanks for the memories, Squall Jacket…

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  • Posted On January 18, 2017 by Bee

    If you guys are ever able to find a new faux fur that is to your liking, would you consider re-selling the Squall Jacket in the future? During the years the Squall Jacket was available, I wasn’t in a position to afford it (broke student). Now, I have a proper adult job (:D), and if the opportunity ever arose, would love to buy this jacket again (especially if custom sizing was available). Thanks!

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