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Fan Art Contest: Create Your Own Browncoat!
Bring Back Firefly Facebook Page – Discussions Section

Everyone knows that Malcolm Reynolds is a Browncoat, a war veteran on the side of the Independents who survived many hard-fought battles against the Alliance. Ever since the war, he lives life on the ‘raggedy edge’ – but still dons his fine brown coat as a daily reminder of his wartime past and an outward sign of his rebellious spirit.

Create Your Own Browncoat ContestIt was a big war though with many fine soldiers fighting alongside Mal (including Zoe, just to name one!), so we’re wondering:

If you could design your own Browncoat character, what would he or she look like? We want your fan art and in exchange, you can win a great prize!

Think about what kind of Browncoats would be needed for the war effort: Would you put yourself in the Serenity ‘Verse as an original Independent soldier? Create an original Browncoat with a steampunk edge? Maybe put your Browncoat on a war-time propaganda-style poster? Create a new Browncoat with a different take on the “Wild West” style of Firefly?

Upload your fan art submission as a photo through the Bring Back Firefly Facebook page. Submissions can be hand-drawn, painted, photographed, computer-generated, it’s totally up to you! The only rule is that it must be an original Browncoat character and it must be PG. So let your creativity soar!

The contest winner will receive a Gift Certificate from AbbyShot Clothiers for $150.00 off a new Malcolm Reynolds Browncoat!

Keep flyin’ and we look forward to your entry!

First Place: $150 off a NEW Malcolm Reynolds Limited Addition Browncoat from AbbyShot Clothiers
Second Place: Your artwork as the profile pic for Bring Back Firefly for at least 30 days
Third Place: Honorable mention and the adoration of thousands of Firefly fans

Official Rules:

1. Photos/artwork submitted become property of Bring Back Firefly and/or AbbyShot Clothiers

2. Fans will vote on the best submissions for the top 10. Bring Back Firefly and AbbyShot Clothiers will then select the top three.

3. Winner will be notified via Facebook announcement on this page on 30 JUN 2011. It will be winners responsibility to reply within 7 days of notification to arrange delivery of prize.

4. Submissions must be posted on the Bring Back Firefly fan page no later than 16 JUN 2011. Voting for the top 10 will close on 23 JUN 2011. Top three will be announced on 30 JUN 2011.

5. FULL DISCLOSURE! First prize is a $150 gift certificate to be used on a Malcolm Reynolds Limited Edition Browncoat from AbbyShot Clothiers. These coats are to be discontinued after 31 AUG 2011. So this gift certificate will expire after 31 JUL 2011 to insure you can get the size you want!

6. Bring Back Firefly reserves the right to make final interpretation of these rules.



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