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A lot of our customers who buy our coats to wear for cosplay also like to make some of their own clothing and accessories. We here in the AbbyShot Production Department thought we would share some little tips with our customers that will maybe help them along a bit.

One question people have asked us is how to top stitch pleather on a domestic sewing machine. This can be tricky because the fabric has a tenancy to stick to the foot. What some places do is use thin tissue paper on top of the fabric and then rip off the paper later. Our sewers here at AbbyShot recommend you use lip gloss on the bottom of the foot to help the pleather slide through. Then just wipe off the lip gloss after!

If you are using a pattern to make your own costume, make sure you follow the grain of the fabric. There are lines on the pattern to show which way to lay it. Do not ignore these, they will make all the difference when it comes to how your clothing fits and hangs.
We have a division of our company Joos For Life that specializes in sewing stretchwear. If you are sewing a stretchy fabric, it is best to use a serger, but if you do not have a serger, use a straight stitch machine on a small stitch length.

Sewing on a button may seem simple to a lot of people, but there are a lot out there that would never attempt it (one AbbyShot employee in particular, but we won’t mention any names!). Check out our video tutorial of how to sew on a button, the AbbyShot way!

We love to help people create the perfect costumes! If you have any questions for our production department or any suggestions for future Fashion Institute articles, please let us know!


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