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How time flies! You may have noticed a change to the AbbyShot website, specifically to the pages for our popular Malcolm Reynolds Browncoat. It turns out that the countdown is ON – there’s under three months left for you to order your very own limited edition Browncoat from AbbyShot.com!

Countdown for the Limited Edition Browncoat as of June 10, 2011

The image above is what you would have seen this morning on the Browncoat landing page, but of course as each second goes by that countdown gets lower and lower!  

AbbyShot Customer in his Malcolm Reynolds Browncoat

August 29, 2011 is the final day that the Browncoat will be listed on AbbyShot.com, but we highly recommend that you don’t wait until the last minute to order yours. There is a limited inventory of Browncoats remaining which means that certain sizes WILL sell out sooner than others. And once they’re gone ‘into the black’… they’re really gone!

If you have some mad artistic skills, there’s even a Browncoat Fan Art Contest you can take part in! You may have seen this on the blog earlier this week, it’s being hosted by the Bring Back Firefly Facebook Page and can net you $150.00 off a new Browncoat! The submission deadline is June 16.

Don’t miss out on this precious cargo: Order the coat fans are calling “one of the shiniest coats in all of the ‘verse” before your size runs out!

Climb aboard, Captain:


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