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Three years ago today, on June 21st, 2008, the Doctor Who episode “Turn Left” first aired. It was an episode from the Tenth Doctor’s run, though it barely featured the Doctor himself.

The out-of-commission TARDIS from Doctor Who Series 4 episode Turn LeftInstead, this unique episode presented an alternate history where companion Donna Noble did NOT meet the Doctor. This seemingly minor change led to the Doctor dying during the confrontation with the Racnoss seen in “The Runaway Bride” (as well as leading to the sad out-of-commission TARDIS in the photo on the left). As fans will remember from this episode, the world without the Doctor is not a pretty place!

It would be comparable to, say… life without the Tenth Doctor’s Coat!

If you already own an AbbyShot Tenth Doctor’s Coat, you’re already well aware of the power of this garment. As one of our previous customers so eloquently stated:

“There is some magical aura that you get when you throw on the coat, like you know you’re off on an adventure.”

AbbyShot Customer in his Tenth Doctor's Coat from Doctor WhoThat statement is so true; the feeling of wearing this coat is something that can only be experienced first-hand! Luckily, you’re closer than ever to owning your own Tenth Doctor’s Coat. Due to high demand, the coats have been out of stock for a few months now… but that’s due to change very soon! We’re expecting new Tenth Doctor’s Coats back in stock to start shipping out around the end of next week for those wise (and molto bene) folks who already have their pre-orders in. Life without the Tenth Doctor’s Coat will be “a thing of the past” for you folks soon!

Haven’t placed your Tenth Doctor’s Coat pre-order yet? Now is the perfect time: Our Shipping Department will be sending out coats on a first-come-first-serve basis so the quicker you get your order in, the quicker you’ll be able to throw on your own Tenth Doctor’s Coat! The other reason to get your pre-order in ASAP: These are always popular coats and, from experience, the moment coats are in stock certain sizes start getting low very quickly. Don’t take the chance on your size running out! And of course Contact Us if you have ANY sizing questions at all, we’re always happy to help.

It’s time to let this Doctor Who coat into your life:



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