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As AbbyShot fans anxiously await the return of the Tenth Doctor’s Coat, we can’t help but ponder: Is there a possibility for a return of the Tenth Doctor himself to Doctor Who?

First of all – the latest news on the coat. We were hoping and trying with all our might to ship out the new Tenth Doctor’s Coats before the end of this week (the end of June). Unfortunately the ship-out date has had to be pushed back to next week (the first week of July). We are so sorry for this unexpected delay, and for all those who have pre-ordered, we thank you for your patience – the wait is almost over!

Now as for the return of the Tenth Doctor to our TV screens, we’re leaning towards: Likely! There has already been speculation as to what is going to occur for the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who in 2013. We’ve heard that there will be a partial series in 2012 with cryptic hints from Steven Moffat himself about further plans for “cool stuff”. We are definitely thinking that previous Doctor(s) will return in a special alongside Matt Smith in 2013.

The Tenth Doctor Met the Fifth Doctor in mini-episode Time Crash border=Doctor Who tradition seems to dictate that anniversaries mean multiple Doctors working together. The 10th anniversary serial that ended in 1973 was entitled The Three Doctors and featured Doctors 1-3 fighting a common foe. In 1983, there was a similar concept entitled, aptly enough, The Five Doctors. The 50th anniversary is a huge event, so would Moffat really want to break with time-honoured tradition? Let’s just say that he has no problem setting up a meeting between different incarnations of the Doctor…

We never get tired of watching that mini-episode, it’s absolutely delightful Smilie: :)

So do you think Steven Moffat has a plan to unite Eleven Doctors? Or does he have something even trickier in mind? It seems that Christopher Eccleston is not interested in returning as the Ninth Doctor, but would he change his mind if the story was good enough? We’re thinking David Tennant would be up for another quick spin as the Tenth Doctor though!

What do you a) think will happen, or b) want to happen for the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who? Speculate away in the Comments!


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