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So AbbyShot has left me like a hen on a hot rock, waiting for the sure-to-be-juicy June Newsletter. The good news is that Thursday is the final day of June so they pretty much HAVE to get the Newsletter out on June 30th! Unless they’ve managed to build that TARDIS they keep talking about… 

Basically, if you’re not on the Newsletter Subscriber List yet then you really should be. Details have been scarce, but I have dug up the fact that there are actually TWO official announcements in this Newsletter (whereas last week I learned there was one).

All I could find regarding this 2nd announcement was this digital colour sample. Does this look familiar? This June Newsletter can’t get to my inbox fast enough! 

Be sure sure to jump on the list, and, as always, send me your thoughts here on the Blog, on Twitter or on the AbbyShot Facebook Page.  

Yours in anticipation,



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