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It’s our great pleasure to announce the winners of the Browncoat Fan Art Contest! In partnership with the fine folks at the Bring Back Firefly Facebook Page, we asked Firefly fans to create their own original Browncoat character who is living life on the “raggedy edge” like Malcolm Reynolds in the Serenity ‘Verse. This was no easy task and each entry took a lot of creativity and guts!

All the entries were fantastic (and all were posted to the “Photos” section of the Bring Back Firefly Facebook Page) but three pieces of art stood out above the rest in terms of both creativity and skill. Here they are in order, folks, the shiniest of the shiny (click the images below for larger versions).

1) “The Raven” by William Frank 


William created a gorgeous piece of art using acrylic and marker on paper, showing a new Browncoat Captain along with his ship and crew engaged in a fierce battle that would make Jayne Cobb jealous! For his efforts, William takes the top prize and earned himself a gift certificate for $150 off a new Malcolm Reynolds Browncoat from AbbyShot Clothiers.

2) “Independent Woman” by Kyle Burles


Kyle’s entry was ridiculously creative, as he created, in his own words: “a Victorian era / ‘Verse hybrid advertisement for a woman’s fashionista style browncoat.” Nicely done Kyle! Your 2nd place prize is having your artwork as the profile pic for Bring Back Firefly for 30 days.

3) “Reaver Huntin'” by Karen Barbour


Karen created a page from her own original Browncoat graphic novel, starring a tough female Captain who’s itching for a “fair fight” with a few Reavers! That is some true bravery right there, can we see what happens next? Smilie: ;) Third prize is honorable mention and (of course) the adoration of thousands of Firefly fans!

Thanks so much to our winners (we’ll be in touch!) and to everyone who participated! We had a blast reviewing your entries and, we must say, your creativity truly astounded us!

Keep flyin’ Browncoats,
The AbbyShot and Bring Back Firefly Teams


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