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Fashion has changed so much over the years. Most of us probably don’t stop and ask “why” some trends have come about. Sometimes people just follow the styles that they see others wearing. Around the end of the 1400’s, Charles VIII of France started wearing shoes with square toes to hide the fact that he had six toes on one foot. And, of course the rest of the population followed.

Captain Jack Harkness from Doctor Who and TorchwoodWhat do Silent Bob’s Coat, the Deckard Trench, the Eleventh Doctor’s Jacket, and Captain Jack Harkness’ Coat all have in common? They all have buttons on the bottoms of the sleeves! Do you know why some coats and jackets were designed with this added detail? Apparently, Napoleon Bonaparte decided that by putting buttons there, soldiers would stop their disgusting habit of wiping their runny noses in their sleeves. That must have made for a messy situation, seeing Kleenex wasn’t invented at the time.

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