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Here at AbbyShot, we are known for our coats and jackets. What some people don’t realize is that we also have gloves. We sell almost as many types of gloves as we do coats.

We offer full leather gloves, fingerless gloves, and shooting gloves. What type is your favorite? Prince Philip of Calabria loved gloves so much that he often wore 16 pairs at a time. Now I know it does get cold sometimes, but doubling up usually does the trick.

When buying gloves online it can be hard to determine which size to get, not being able to try them on and all. On each of our glove product pages there is a size chart to guide you. Just in case you have trouble knowing how to measure properly, we made a little video to illustrate it for you.

What kinds of gloves would you like to see us come out with next? Please feel free to send us your suggestions in the comments section below!


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