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Okay, so maybe spaghetti doesn’t fit just yet, but give it time. From Firefly and Trigun to Cowboys and Aliens, our newest frontier is becoming more and more crowded. Now we have Starhawk from Lightbox Interactive ready to be Beta tested by the public, especially Warhawk fans. Add to the mix Bethesda Softwork’s Fallout: New Vegas and you get quite the range of western sci-fi themes to choose from.

We have learned a lot from the space technology of the past 40 years and while the shuttle has landed for the last time, there is still much information available to not only scientists, but to writers and producers and gamers alike. Imagine the exploration that can now be coded into a game for example, beginning with what science has taught us and soaring to ever higher imaginative heights. The limitless possibilities are awe-inspiring! 

So what do you see on the horizon for the somewhat newly combined western/sci-fi genre, whether in movies or television shows or video games? Do you think this is a new genre which will take hold for some time to come yet? Is there more to explore in this vast new frontier called Space? What really links the two genres together do you think? And what sort of fashion might that inspire? We would love to hear your responses on any of these topics.



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