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Here at AbbyShot Headquarters in Newfoundland, Canada, summer has finally arrived. Hey, better late than never! With the sun shining and the temperatures rising, people are getting out of their heavy coats and into lighter summer wear.

AbbyShot customer wearing her Ghost in the Shell inspired GIG ShrugWith so many conventions going on this time of year, our long coats are still very popular, but did you realize that AbbyShot has lots of great summer wear? Sure, when is it a better time to slip into those fingerless gloves? And if you find that just some of your fingers get warm, try our Dante Shooting Gloves. Smilie: ;)

The GIG Shrug is another item that is perfect for summer. Made out of a super soft lamb skin, it not only looks great, but feels great. You can incorporate it as part of your anime inspired outfit, or layer it over a dress. Either way, the G-I-G Shrug always gets heads turning.

The Kingdom Hoodie is an all time favorite of ours, and is great when layering for winter or wearing as a summer jacket. The staff here get a lot of use out of their hoodies on cool summer nights. We also love to sport our Abby-Shirts around town.

What have you done to summer-ize your AbbyShot garment?



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