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While browsing through TOR.COM, we came across a very interesting list of Ten Anime Films You Should See Before You Die. Among this list, we found a couple of films that touched close to home (well, AbbyShot Headquarters).

Akira inspired, Pill JacketThe 1988 film Akira is a classic piece of Japanese anime. It’s popularity has not diminished over the years. That probably explains why our very own Pill Jacket has so many people interested in it, all these years later.

The second film on this list that has caught our eye is Ghost in the Shell. We particularly like the main character of Motoko Kusanagi. She has many different looks, but her leather shrug is our favorite! Smilie: ;) Check out our version of her leather shrug, the GIG Shrug.

Do you see other items in these films you wish you could wear?



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