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Today was quiet day at AbbyShot Headquarters due to the St. John’s Regatta taking place…the oldest regatta in North America. Unfortunately everything is locked up tighter than Fort Knox and that dang AbbyBot is roaming double time.

I am due to go on holidays shortly and I don’t yet know where to go. I feel restless and I want to go somewhere and get into some heavy duty sleuthing. I am turning to you for help. Wouldn’t it be great if we could work together and propose the next AbbyShot product? We would have to have a lot of work done…photos to support the design and we would have to show how popular a product it would be. We could tell them which details to focus on, etc.. If you have any ideas as to where to begin my sleuthing, please let me know here as per usual on the Blog, on Twitter or on the AbbyShot Facebook Page. Who knows, maybe we can go on a journey together? 


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