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People sometimes ask us why it is we do what we do. We tell them it’s because of our customers. People write to us all the time requesting various garments. Some people include pictures and point out certain details, others write us poetry and wish lists. It’s all very exciting for our Product Development Team! When we get a lot of call for a particular garment, we begin the design process. Our team looks at all of the information we have been given by our fans, sending out questions and need for clarification, etc. where necessary. We also complete further research into the garment.

When everything has been assembled, we decide which features we will incorporate into the design. Sometimes our coat is based on a game, but in reality fabric doesn’t move like it does in the game.  Sometimes the detailing is obscured somewhat in the photos so we make our best educated judgements on how to move forward. Upon occasion we must decide if the design details will impede its use as a real coat, rather than a costume, for example full sleeves vs. three quarter sleeves. When we are working on products which are really new, we often find that pictures are released after we have gone into production that shed light on some aspect we were struggling with. Through it all, we always keep the customer in mind!


We keep the coat as close as possible to the original design, including as many details as we possibly can and we keep the garment’s price point where it is affordable. Our goal is to make a replica garment that can be worn not just at cosplay events, but throughout the year. Our products are functioning garments, using breathable, high quality fabrics. Our notions (buttons, belts, etc.) stand the test of time and our stitching will not unravel.  Every coat is fully inspected before it leaves our premises to ensure that each customer is more than happy with their purchase.

Best of all, every day we get multiple emails, shoutouts in our social media, and often phone calls and video clips from customers who are totally thrilled with their products! It’s how we know that what we are doing works! If it works for you, it more than works for us and so we move onto our next inspiration…



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