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Captain Jack Harkness, from Doctor WhoIn case you haven’t noticed, AbbyShot has recently announced some new/upcoming products!

The Dante Coat is our most recent coat up for sale. It was a long time coming, but thanks to the persistence of fans and a lot of hard work, it is here! Based on the character of Dante from Devil May Cry 4, we offer this coat in four different looks. There is even an option to get the Dante Shooting Gloves to complete the outfit!

We have also just launched a few new officially licensed Doctor Who products! The Captain Jack Harkness Coat, The Eleventh Doctor’s Jacket, and The Eleventh Doctor’s Bow Tie. You can join the waiting list of any, or all of these products to get the latest updates straight from us!

Which of our newest products are you thinking about owning?


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