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Today I read about a woman who was searching for a Doctor Who Dalek Pencil Topper for 30 years!
Now, as pencil topper goes, it’s kinda cool, but it is the 30 years of
sheer determination of one day finding a Doctor Who Dalek Pencil Topper
that drew me into the story, and it was the purpose behind her posting
that kept me enthralled.

We know what it is like to receive letters like the one she wrote, for we get them all the time at the office, and none of us ever gets tired of them….not ever. As a staff we share them (and the multitudes of pictures and even videos we receive) with each other over break in the morning.

And so to all of you, past, present and future, who take time out of your busy lives to send us a word of thanks, we would like to say a collective “Thank you!” in return. It is because of your enthusiasm for all parts of our business (from product development to product delivery) that we all love our jobs. Without you there would be no AbbyShot. Don’t ever underestimate the effect one person can have because we experience your power every day!

Thank you!



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