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Yes, the rumours are true! We have finally released the Eleventh Doctor’s Jacket and Bow Tie! After working for months with the BBC, fine tuning every aspect of the design (and teasing you about it almost every step of the way), we have created a replica of the Eleventh Doctor’s Jacket. The BBC has also officially licensed this version of the jacket, along with our burgundy bow tie (just one of the many the Doctor wears).  For a limited time you are able to purchase an Eleventh Doctor’s Jacket and you will receive a FREE Eleventh Doctor’s Bow Tie as well!  

So thank you, Doctor Who fans.  And thank you, AbbyShot fans for being the best in all of fandom. You allow us to love our jobs by being who you are and allowing us to create quality garments, all the while having fun doing it. What other job allows you to watch Doctor Who as part of your routine! 



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