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Sett stones found by the Tower of London

I apologize for missing last week’s posting, but my travels have taken me to some extraordinary places (more on that in another post) where I have been delving into many mysteries. Unfortunately the places I visited did not have access to the “outside” world.
However, this week I have been covering the cobblestones in the United Kingdom. I am currently in London and will be making my way northwest. I am in an internet cafe and see that AbbyShot has not yet cracked the case of the fourth stripe on the Captain Jack Harkness Coat. So, I am off to solve the riddle! But before I go I will be checking out more design ideas along the cobblestones of London of olde! After that my travels will take me under water…

Remember, if you would like to get hold of me, that I am available at my email address. If you want to stir things up at AbbyShot, then please feel free to post to me here or as per usual on the Blog, on Twitter or on the AbbyShot Facebook Page. I’d love to see where you send me next!



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