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After exhaustive research in and out of various museums around the United Kingdom, and help from various AbbyShot fans, I believe we have solved the riddle of the fourth stripe. I would like to thank Robert Marks for his confirmation on the fact that the difference between three stripes and four stripes on the epaulettes simply comes down to a matter of rank. In the Royal Air Force if a person had three stripes on his epaulettes he had the designation of Wing Commander. Four stripes on the epaulettes denoted the ranking of Captain. After studying the scripts surrounding the change I have concluded that the costume department realized the error and simply quietly corrected this when Captain Jack Harkness was reintroduced into the story.

My sleuthing in the United Kingdom is drawing to a close. I have some exciting final destinations to check out and, with the  help of many AbbyShot fans I have a few potential products to plant at Headquarters. If you have suggestions on where else my travels may take me, please be sure to contact me through email, or by sending me your thoughts here on the Blog, on Twitter or on the AbbyShot Facebook Page. Until then, happy sleuthing!



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