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Well, I have been all over the UK and I have several thoughts on what AbbyShot should create next. I thought that by planting a few seeds here I could get them to give the various coats some thought. (This particular seed is a bit of a riddle, so that should drive them right around the bend!) That will make it seem as if it was all their idea. Of course some of these coats have become popular choices from some of the postings I have seen, so that is a good thing. The more people who submit suggestions, the better the chance a design has of being replicated the AbbyShot way! So, perhaps we can work together. I spent a bit longer in the UK than I had intended, but I do have some wonderful ideas from here. I am off to the continent now to continue with my investigation. If you think of something you would like me to bring forward to those at AbbyShot HQ, please let me know via my email address. I can’t always get to a computer when I would like. 

If you have any ideas you would like to see me investigate, please be sure to share your thoughts by jumping on the waiting list, or by sending me your thoughts here on the Blog, on Twitter or on the AbbyShot Facebook Page.  




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