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I have returned home, at least for now, but noone at AbbyShot has realized this yet, and so this has allowed me to get into the design room with everyone’s guard being down. And I struck GOLD!

So, it seems that by us putting it out there that masked hoodies are a cool idea, AbbyShot has put it out to their fans and they have replied in kind. What’s more…they have begun working on a new design.  I have managed to get this clip of a potential design before that dang Abby-Bot was patrolling about. It looks quite familiar to me and I am hoping you recognize it as well. I even remember when AbbyShot was making this coat! 

So, I was hoping that you would put your suggestions below this blog or on AbbyShot’s Twitter or Facebook account as to what it is that you would love to see in this hoodie! What details do you think need to be included? How would you suggest they do the mask? Don’t forget the inside. What cool attributes should be included? This is your chance to really give them direction!

Oh, I’ve got to run, I hear the Abby-Bot making its way toward me again! I look forward to reading what it is you have to say about this hoodie! 



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