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Go figure. Just as I thought they lost their marbles, they brought home the prized allie in the form of not one, but two Squall Jackets. That’s right, you read it here first! The Squall is back and you get two choices in one. Not only can the Squall Jacket, be worn with the collar on, but it can also be worn without the collar.

True AbbyShot fans know this is not something new. What they don’t know is that not only is the Squall Jacket available in a high quality soft leather, but now you can also get it in a high quality pleather, with the same options! It’s great for vegans!

So, when you think about making your purchases this week, you now have two more options to choose from.

Remember, you heard it here first!

Does AbbyShot have anymore items you’d love to see in pleather? If so, please feel free to post your ideas below this blog post, or on AbbyShot’s Twitter or Facebook Page!



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