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I apologize for being late with my post. I tried very hard this past week to gather intel…something really solid. AbbyShot is shut down tighter than Fort Knox this week, perhaps due to the fact that Friday is a holiday at AbbyShot. As a result, it has been difficult to get much dirt. I have seen colour swatches lying about and there is much discussion around the colours green, brown, red and blue. I’ve hidden my thoughts on those products here, although I can certainly see other possibilities.

Do any of these colours inspire you? Maybe there is a colour there in the leather which makes you think of a fabric coat or a hoodie or some sort of accessory. Perhaps those of you who posted last week are onto something…There is definitely much to be said for an iconic look!

Where do you think AbbyShot should look for inspiration? Please feel free to post your ideas below this blog post, or on AbbyShot’s Twitter or Facebook Page!





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