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Just two weeks ago I wrote about it being windy enough for two Squalls (thanks for the emails about the great play on words Smilie: ;). Little did I know that I would find myself shadowing AbbyShot as they investigated creating great new partnerships in Chicagoland.

Unfortunately I wasn’t privy to their agenda, but I knew that eventually they would show up in Chicago Comics, a mecca center for all things related to comics, right by Wrigley Field. Sure enough, in walks part of the AbbyShot team to meet with Eric. If you are a Doctor Who fan at all, you can’t resist trying on these coats, and the crew at Chicago Comics couldn’t wait to succumb to the intoxication of the Doctor. There is definitely a look of joyous excitement that comes over anyone who puts these coats on. It is as if the power of the Doctor somehow morphs into the coats. Add to the fact that the owner of Chicago Comics is an accomplished mannequin artist (as can be seen in this shot of the shop), and it soon became evident it was a marriage made in Heaven.

These coats are to be experienced, so if you are lucky enough to be in the Chicago area, drop by Chicago Comics and feel the great quality of these coats. You will find the Eleventh Doctor’s Jacket and Bow Tie flanked on either side by the Captain Jack Harkness Coat and the Tenth Doctor’s Coat virtually in the middle of the store. Perhaps you, like Eric and his crew did, will even be able to try one on.

When I return to AbbyShot HQ hopefully I will be able to delve deeper into what new products will be the first to be released in the new year. What do you think they will be? Please feel free to post your ideas below this blog post, or on AbbyShot’s Twitter or Facebook Page!





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