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Aha! I suspected something along this line when I got that partial snap last year. It seems as if the Design Team at AbbyShot HQ have created an awesome leather armband. The buckles are reminiscent of the Jenova, although it doesn’t quite seem to suit Sephiroth’s taste. I am thinking that perhaps there is another reason for the armband. Dante’s Coat was paired with the Dante Shooting Gloves. (Oh, BTW, did you notice that the price of the Dante Pleather Coat has dropped by $50.00?!!) The Eleventh Doctor’s Jacket is paired quite nicely with the Eleventh Doctor’s Bow Tie. And so, I sense that perhaps this random accessory might indeed be paired with something as well… something cool and oh so coveted by many. Just what that “something” is, I am not sure. What do YOU think it might be? Please feel free to share your thoughts with me in an email, or post your ideas below this blog post, or on AbbyShot’s Twitter or Facebook Page.

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