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What the heck are the 3 Fs? Fun, Functional and Funky! Those words describe our gloves to a T! We have had reports of customers who find our gloves fun at conventions, functional in all types of weather and funky in design. The best part is that we have leather gloves to suit all tastes, some of which are even on sale, 25-40% off! 
If you’re looking for cool gloves, we have  The Ocelot Gloves…fingerless with knuckle vents. If you want to funk it up a bit, then we have The Maverick Gloves which replace the velcro hand strip with a short zipper and plug the vents with studs! Speaking of studs, our Studded Shadows are currently our best deal at 40% off! They have velcro strips at the wrist and studs above that. These ones even have fingers! Our Dante Shooting Gloves are somewhat like The Ocelot Gloves only they have three fingers. Not only were these inspired by Dante in Devil May Cry and look great with the Dante Coat (also available in two colours of leather as well as custom fit), but our customers also love Dante Shooting Gloves as texting gloves for their index fingers and thumbs are free to fly! What is your favourite style of glove?


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