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There is scurrying about at AbbyShot at present. Items are not where they’re suppose to be and the Pantone textile book is being opened and closed with alarming speed. I’ve been seeing a lot of silvery brown bits of threads and grey and red paint chips. There are more than the usual number of doodled designs in the garbage. I can’t quite make out what it is suppose to be, but there are various versions of it strewn about the office. I can’t find any sort of finalize d version, however, and I haven’t yet figured out what it’s part of.

I do know that there is talk of more Doctor Who products, but I am not sure if this fits. There was talk of potential new hoodies this year as well, but how would a doodle work on those? I am stumped. Any light you can shed would be great. 

In the meantime, I’ll continue sleuthing and see what I can find out. Feel free to share your thoughts with me in an email, or post your ideas below this blog post, or on AbbyShot’s Twitter or Facebook Page.

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