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We have a lot of popular styles of gloves as it all depends on what reason you are looking to purchase some. However, if you’re searching for stylish gloves which are great in the winter, then by all means the most popular gloves are our Associate Gloves, bar none. These gloves have a great warm lining which is thin and feels soft against your hands. It allows you to manipulate that snow shovel or snow blower easily and efficiently. (Can you tell we had a bit of a snowstorm here?) If you live in a land of eternal sunshine, these gloves are still a great purchase as they are not so warm that you will be overheated as they breathe wonderfully.
The ultimate glove for warmth and versatility are our Stealth Gloves. These gloves are created for both men and women and are made from neoprene and leather. Neoprene is a great insulator and so your hands stay toasty and dry. The design details on the back of your hand, as well as the palm-side of your hand are made from leather. This latter detail makes gripping items easier. Their ease of movement is one of the reasons they are so very popular. They also have a warm lining inside them and are extremely lightweight. The best news of all is that they are on sale…25% off their regular price, for both men and women!


Speaking of women’s gloves…if you are a motorcycle enthusiast (or just love very cool black leather gloves), then The Vixen Gloves are the ones for you! Long before there were cougars, there were vixens and these gloves will definitely add to that powerful, irresistible feeling you have when you put them on! The extra padding on the back not only gives you added protection on the bike, but is also a fantastic design addition! The added length on the cuff keeps the gloves nicely tucked into your jacket to protect you from the wind, while the gathering at the wrist allows for a snug fit. These gloves are also a great deal right now at 25% off the regular price!

Regardless of which style of glove you choose, you will not be disappointed with the quality of any of the choices from AbbyShot! Whether you want gloves for cosplay, texting, fashion or versatility, you will find something which will fit (pun intended)! With a number of styles currently on sale, you have even more added value! .


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