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Yes, it’s Valentine’s Day and one’s thoughts automatically turn to love! We’re going to mix it up a bit at AbbyShot and combine it with the premise behind Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. We would love to know what your favourite-now-retired coat is that AbbyShot once produced. We’d love to know what current product is your one true love! And, of course, the questions aren’t complete before we ask what is the one product you would love to see us produce this upcoming year? Yes, we know, based on the countless emails you send us, that this is a two-sided love affair, and we want to make 2012 special for you indeed!

You see, 2012 is a great year for all of us. Not only is it a leap year and so we have an extra day to create some magic, but we also have a number of surprises coming your way, as well as a couple which we have hinted at or already leaked to you. It’s also AbbyShot’s Tenth Anniversary and so we have a few more surprises in store for you to help with the celebrations, particularly the closer we get to July. Finally, at this very moment, Bonnie and Julia are at a show in Las Vegas looking for a few new suppliers to help us with some great design ideas Julia and the Design Team have conjured up…spurred on by a lot of help from our fans, of course!

So, enjoy the FREE shipping on all instock pleather Dante Coats within North America and we have extended the SALE on Martha Jones Companion Jackets for just $99.00, as well as the offer of a FREE Eleventh Doctor’s Bow Tie which is included with every Eleventh Doctor’s Jacket you purchase and continue to have yourselves an absolutely smashing month of love!

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