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It’s strange how crossovers in fiction have been occurring for years in comics. We’re all familiar with single episodes where Batman and Superman might team up to solve a single crime, but for a crossover to really count, it occurs when the story takes place over more than one title. It first seemed to occur in the 1960s when a character by the name of Zantanna went searching for her father. While doing so she sought the aid of Hawkman, Batman, Robin, The Atom, Green Lantern and Elongated Man.

It’s even more exciting when crossovers take place and new characters are born, such as Venom from Spider-Man. Comics such as Secret Wars became renowned for new characters being introduced, while others changed somewhat. In some series, characters even met their demise!

Often they occur in one setting, while in others they take place in a whole new world. Such was the case with Hulk comics. If the world stays the same, then sometimes the time period is different. This is what happened with DC One Million whereby our modern day Justice League of America partnered with the 853rd century Justice Legion Alpha to defeat the seemingly immortal Vandal Savage.

Crossovers in the comic world have been occurring for over 40 years now, often without ramifications and are often seen to be fairly commonplace by today’s standards. With movies being created with superheroes, and our penchant for sequels, it is no wonder so many of us are eagerly looking forward to the release of movies such as The Avengers and have been following series of movies like X-Men and their spin-offs for years.

If you are interested in reading some of the crossovers of your favourite comic characters, a good comprehensive list may be found at: http://tomheroes.com/Comics/comic_crossovers.htm


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