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The Mighty Dwarf is one of the leading examples in Vibration Resonance Technology, which simply means it amplifies sound by bouncing vibrations off a solid surface.
With the option of playing music solely from the Mighty Dwarf, or from an external audio source, this little piece of technology can do it all. It’s perfect for listening to music when there is no access to electricity. Easily rechargeable and simple to understand, there is literally no hassle with this product. Just plug in your micro SD card and hit play, that’s all there is to it!
The Mighty Dwarf is capable of playing audio from any source with a headphone input, perfect for your iPod, phone, or laptop. It’s a small unit thereby making it ideal for camping, in your car, or even stuck to your motorcycle’s gas tank! Its adhesive bottom makes sticking to vertical surfaces safe and easy. Because it has a built in, rechargeable battery, there is no added cost or fiddling about with replacement batteries.
This 5W little gizmo packs a powerful punch, and while you may not be able to amplify the sound well enough for a large house party, you will be blown away by its excellent sound, as it can easily fill a room!
While it doesn’t have a digital display, thereby making song selection and seeking options not available, when plugged into your favourite audio device, like an iPod or a phone, this drawback is easily overcome!
If you’re looking for some background music in a setting with no electricity, the Mighty Dwarf is simply the perfect product!


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